CNBC Travel Business Leader Award

Since its inception in 2010, CNBC Travel Business Leader Award (TBLA) has recognized business leaders who have demonstrated leadership excellence within the travel and tourism industry – driving growth, success and profitability.

Qualities including innovation, management skills, and the ability to formulate strategies and capitalize on key trends are the key judging criteria.

Event Details

DATE: Tuesday, 20th October 2015
TIME: 6pm - 10pm
VENUE: The Capitol Theatre, 17 Stamford Road, Singapore 178907
DRESS CODE: Business Formal (Tie Optional)

TBLA Logo Inspiration

CNBC Travel Business Leader Award (TBLA) logo draws its inspiration from the ancient Asian symbol of respect and greeting exchanged between a host and a traveller – the act of hands pressed together with a slight bow. Known as the ‘Namaste’ in India, ‘Wai’ in Thailand or ‘Gassho’ in Japan, this gesture is synonymous with Asian warmth and hospitality. The logo also combines the folded hands gesture with the ‘handshake’, another universally accepted symbol of greeting, and the sign of a favorable business relationship.

Brought together in a simplified, more linear and fluid form, the TBLA logo signifies the essence of this award, which celebrates outstanding business leadership in the Asian travel and tourism industry – an industry that bases its foundation on hospitality, sustainability, innovation and ultimately, the relationship between the host and the traveller.

2015 TBLA Brochure

Click here to download the 2015 TBLA Brochure.

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